Multi-mission transport

Deployed in the most challenging geographic, environmental and operating conditions, Leonardo’s C-27J Spartan is a versatile aircraft capable of performing a vast range of defence and civil protection missions.

Extensive experience gained in operations with different air forces worldwide has reinforced the C-27J Spartan’s position as the ideal aircraft for military transport missions, airdrops of paratroopers and materials, ‘last mile’ tactical troop support, special forces operations, humanitarian assistance and support for populations affected by natural disasters.

In operation

in 17 countries


flight hours


mission configurations


in <30 minutes

Operational in temperatures

from -55° C to +50° C

Striving for even greater versatility and mission flexibility, the C-27J Next Generation offers a broader spectrum of capabilities to support the new challenges facing operators today. An effective force multiplier, the latest evolution of the Spartan stands out for its new avionics and equipment, and the aerodynamic solutions to improve its performance.

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