Eurofighter Typhoon

The participants in the Eurofighter programme, managed by the consortium Eurofighter GmbH, are Leonardo, BAE Systems and Airbus Defence & Space. The procurement requirements of the air forces of the four partner nations – Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain – are managed by the NATO Eurofighter & Tornado Management Agency (NETMA).

Missions & features

Leonardo’s contribution

Leonardo produces about 36% of the entire programme value, playing a key role in the aeronautical and electronics components. Eurofighter Typhoons developed by Leonardo for the Kuwait Air Force will be the first aircraft equipped with the new Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, adding to their capability and performance.

Situational Awareness

The aircraft is equipped with active and passive avionic systems, giving it superior attack capability and ensuring its net-centric operation. Through the Euroradar consortium, Leonardo supplies the CAPTOR-E AESA radar and is working on development of AESA ECRS Mk2, the world’s most advanced reconfigurable radar system for combat aircraft, to be integrated on the Eurofighter Typhoon by BAE Systems.

Target tracking

The Typhoon is equipped with an infrared search and track system (PIRATE), enabling simultaneous detection and tracking of single or multiple targets in a vast, complex field of observation. PIRATE is produced by Eurofirst, an international consortium led by Leonardo.


With a complete suite of electronic measures and countermeasures, the Praetorian Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS) is a self-protection system that reinforces the Typhoon’s ability to evade and engage increasingly advanced air-to-air and surface-to-air threats. The Praetorian DASS is developed by the EuroDASS consortium under Leonardo’s leadership.

In-Service Support

Under a long-term partnership agreement, Leonardo is responsible for providing avionic support and maintenance services for the Royal Air Force and Italian Air Force fleets, as well as the German and Spanish fleets in collaboration with Airbus.

Operational Worldwide

In addition to the 529 Typhoons ordered by the four partner nations, aircraft have been ordered by Saudi Arabia (72), Austria (15), Oman (12), Kuwait (28) and Qatar (24), making a total of 680 units.

Technical data

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