Climb to 9,000 metres in 60 seconds on board a Eurofighter

16 December 2021

Thirty seconds. That's all it takes for the Eurofighter Typhoon to reach the speed of sound and just one minute to climb to 9,000 metres. With its dizzying acceleration, the pilot sees the world around vanish beneath the clouds. The physical and psychological commitment required of pilots to master one of the world's most advanced aircraft is remarkable. However, the strength of the Eurofighter lies in its technology, which provides maximum performance and safety. These technologies also bear the mark of Italy.

The Eurofighter is an advanced multi-role fighter, which plays a strategic role in protecting airspace. It represents the most important aeronautical programme in European industrial history and one of the largest internationally. This crowning achievement of the partnership between Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain has recorded over 580,000 flight hours, with nine air forces ordering 661 aircraft.

Leonardo plays a critical role in producing the aircraft's aeronautical and electronic components (left wing, external flaperons, the rear element of the fuselage tail sections and over 60% of the on board avionics systems). The company’s Caselle plant in Turin is responsible for the final assembly line of the fighters ordered by Italy and Kuwait.