Leonardo has achieved the programme’s most advanced ever Eurofighter


The programme is important because it is based in Europe, and Leonardo's expertise has placed Italy at the forefront of the consortium. The challenges posed by the geopolitical context in today’s complex international arena make it increasingly vital to have access to cutting-edge technology.

There are also enormous economic repercussions as the design and production of the Eurofighter brings 100,000 jobs to Europe, 24,000 of which are in Italy.

Protecting the skies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

100,000 highly qualified jobs across Europe

More than 24,000 highly skilled jobs in Italy

More than 400 suppliers in Europe

680 aircraft ordered by nine countries



Guido Sibona, Leonardo's Eurofighter Program Unit manager, tells us about some of the programme's distinguishing features


© Photo: Alessandro Maggia