The dream of being a pilot


Pilots must undergo extensive training and need extremely finely honed physical and mental skills to fly an aircraft like the Eurofighter Typhoon. Onboard technology is increasingly advanced and controlling it is a complex challenge. The pilot must be able to manage futuristic systems, increasingly sophisticated radars, sensitive control systems.

But today pilots can count on constantly evolving training solutions, ranging from aircraft to virtual simulation systems perfectly reproducing the flight experience. Despite the commitment required, many young people still dream of flying in one of these aircraft. People with the good fortune and ability to fly a Eurofighter tell us about their adventure.

A technological jewel and an investment for the future in terms of innovation in the military and civil fields, thanks to economic benefits and potential inventions that can be used in industry and our lives. This is the true meaning of Eurofighter; this is the vision we want for an increasingly innovative future.